Coltan is a very popular mixture of columbite and tantalite. Coltan is primarily used to obtain tantalum and its close companion, niobium.

There is hardly a natural product that is versatile in almost all areas of human life like the metals of the vanadium group. Properties Very hard, fireproof material with a melting point of 2996 ° C and non-toxic – these are the properties that make tantalum (Ta) an indispensable raw material. Tantalum cannot absorb acid even if it is present in large quantities. It is similar to niobium.

It is platinum gray, corrosion-resistant, robust and extremely resistant to chemicals. Available from TM-Trade Minerals: Available form: Raw ore (Ta2O5)
Available concentration: up to 65% purity.

Tungsten is an ore that consists primarily of tungsten. Tungsten is a brilliant, white, malleable, high density metal. After carbon, it has the highest melting point of any chemical element.

The metal is a superconductor and highly chemically stable.
Applications Its alloys are used for light bulbs in electric lamps, television tubes, heating elements in electric furnaces, space technology and rockets. Tungsten carbide is an important link in the metal, mining and petroleum industries

Colt or coltan tantalum ore is abundant in the plateau of Nigeria’s state. These ores contain different concentrations of tantalum and niobium.
Available form: Raw ore (Ta2O5)
Available concentration: up to 65% purity

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